Nurture Your Enoughness with Lily Gyamfi-Kumanini

Nurture Your Enoughness with Lily Gyamfi-Kumanini

Ladies, I am beyond delighted to welcome my guest on the podcast today, the wonderful Lily Gyamfi-Kumanini! ✨Lily is a holistic healer, speaker, coach, wife, mother and all of the above! Her mission has always been to simply impart a message of worthiness and empowerment, to make way for a future full of courage, confidence and clarity. Lily is all about making things happen and strengthening those gifts and abilities we all have within us, so I know our conversation is going to resonate with you in one way or another! 

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Join us as we discuss being in different seasons of waiting, fully accepting yourself, finding wholeness and taking opportunities, while also building and encouraging each other as incredible entrepreneurial women! We even throw in a “scrambled egg” analogy that you’ve GOT to hear! So get in something cozy for this deep, authentic chat that I know you are going to eat up and love! 🥰



You Might Not Ever Be Ready

So let’s dive into the real stuff! I started by asking Lily what was going on in her world right now and I think it’s something that a lot of people can relate to. Lily has been really focusing on exploring different sides of herself in order to turn her dreams into reality, and that can come with so many amazing things and opportunities that you might not have felt prepared or ready for. When you are in the process of working on various aspects within your business and even yourself, it can be hard in that transition of time of waiting for the real stuff you’ve been working towards to actually happen! Wanting particular pieces of the puzzle to fall into place at the right time can be frustrating, but understanding that you will have moments that call you into going slow can actually be rewarding once you realize that’s where you are supposed to be!


Scrambled Egg Season

I think my favorite part of the whole episode was Lily referring to herself in a season of “scrambled eggs” and I asked her to break down that meaning for us. When you are in a season of getting ready and then finally moving into momentum, it can feel like pouring those whisked eggs into a pan, stirring them around, waiting for them to cook and finally be ready. You and I can both be making scrambled eggs, but that doesn’t mean we are going to be finished at the same time either. Get it? All this to say is it’s important to really see what is unfolding in front of you, rather than trying to react and get things moving. Lily proposed a great question to ask yourself in this time and that was “What is really speaking to me in this moment? If it changes, can you allow yourself to be okay, knowing you’ve done the work?” It’s okay to pivot because you’ve allowed for that time to reflect!


You Are Enough

Lily is going to be doing a lot of amazing speaking in 2024, and I know one of her big themes is “nurturing your enoughness.” This is all about being okay with who you are, knowing that you are more than enough and what you bring is enough. “You are more than enough of a daughter, sister, mother, aunt, business manager, leader or teacher!” The most powerful point she made was about how when we allow ourselves to think about the way in which we are not enough or where we believe we need to make changes, we are just perpetuating the idea and sitting in that place we are so desperately trying to get out of. Once you realize you are enough and can own all of who you are, you can bring that into and starting doing the work you were meant for! Isn’t that amazing? 


Hold This Close to Your Heart

I asked Lily what is the one thing she would want you to take away from this episode and that was that you are meant for more! Even if that sounds cliche or over used, it’s because it’s true! It is nothing but the truth that we were designed for a specific purpose and you can bring that into every space you are in. Take your journey and experiences and pour them into being the best you can be. Simultaneously, how powerful would it be if we also took the time to pour that back into other women? Lily let us into a little bit of a concept she is working on called C. R. O. W. N.: Consciously Recognize One Women Now, and what it would look like to acknowledge, listen and intentionally pour into someone else! If we all picked one women we love and see potential in, even once a month, how full and inspired  would each of us be?

I hope this episode spoke to you and met you wherever you are! Definitely be sure to connect with Lily on her instagram at @Lilygks! 🙌🏻

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Nurture Your Enoughness with Lily Gyamfi-Kumanini