Boldly Stepping Out of Discomfort and Into Empowerment with Lindsey Schwartz

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You are in for an absolute treat today! I am so excited to reshare this golden episode from the summer with the amazing Lindsey Schwartz! Entrepreneur, author, speaker, master community builder, and the founder of Powerhouse Women, Lindsey is fiercely committed to supporting other women on all walks of their entrepreneurial journey and inspiring them to get out of their own way and into action around their big ideas! We’ll be diving into everything from writing her book, to the beginning of her Powerhouse community, to getting out of your comfort zone and really giving it your all in your business, even when you feel like you don’t have it all together. So grab that glass of wine because you'll definitely want to revisit this episode if you haven’t already!




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Playing It Safe

We dive into Lindsey’s journey at the moment where everything really changed for her. When an acquaintance of hers posted on facebook that she was holding a 16 week program to help entrepreneurs write a book, Lindsery signed up, not even thinking she would end up writing a book herself! Spoiler alert: she wrote it! With no real plan and no audience, Lindsey didn’t set out with the intention to build a community or host events, but during that year of writing, she learned A LOT! Facing fears and realizing she was the only one getting in her own way, she found the deeper meaning behind what she was writing about and how she could actually make an impact in other people’s lives. When her book publisher wanted to have a book launch event and Lindsey didn’t really want all the attention to be on her, she pitched the idea of having other speakers surrounding the theme of the book at this event too. Additionally, she found herself constantly chatting with people over coffee about these great ideas they had for themselves or a business, but never felt like they were really ready to make the moves. All these moments were the little seeds of an idea that would grow into what is now the Powerhouse Women community, event and podcast! It’s important that people see the highlights, but also the failures, with the hope that they can go for their dreams too!


Being Real Online

One of the other things we also discussed was not being afraid to show the world how it really is. When you’re a business owner, you’re really curating and creating a brand. This is something to take into consideration if you’re creating a personal brand as well. You don’t have to necessarily show every single part of your journey, but bring a little more honesty into the conversation.There is a fear that people will trust you less if you are open and real, but actually they will trust you more! People are going to want to see everything from the good, the bad and the ugly within the lessons you are going through, because odds are they are experiencing the same thing! It doesn’t mean that the path you take is going to be the solution for everyone, but showing others that you are not alone has the potential to change things and make a true impact! “I think we're just on this planet to grow and learn lessons along the way and make a difference as we do it!” 


Energy Boundaries

One of the biggest lessons I personally learned from Lindsey when I was at her mastermind, was when she stood up in front of all 22 of us who were there and said “I love you all and I want to build community with you, but I won’t be going out to dinner tonight because I need to be alone in my own space to “unpeople” for a little bit.” She said being able to come back and serve the next day in the way she wanted to was extremely important for her, and a part of that was processing and spending time alone to recharge. The ability to learn more about yourself and set these boundaries allows you to be able to have these conversations in other situations where you can show up as a better leader, partner and friend. Taking care of your energy is an act of self love, and having this awareness can be a total game changer in how you bring yourself to the table and run a business as an entrepreneur!

Lindsey is seriously an authentic powerhouse woman, who truly brings the idea that we are not meant to do this alone! I would encourage you to go back and listen to this amazing episode fully! Did this episode resonate with you in any way? Leave a review with what stood out to you the most, because I would love to know! 


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