Let Your Light Shine with Lia Valencia Key

Let Your Light Shine with Lia Valencia Key

From the depths of despair to the dazzling heights of success, Lia Valencia Key shares her story of homelessness to creating the incredible brand, Valencia Key. A symbol of wearable light and joy, spreading inspiration to others.


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Navigating Dark Waters

On this episode, Lia Valencia shares her story of homlessness and the glimpse she had into the complexities of human suffering. In the midst of these challenging circumstances she had to face, Lia found herself grappling with negativity that threatened to overshadow her spirit. It was during this challenging period that she began to use words that cast shadows of doubt over her future. 


The Power of Choice

During her time of despair, Lia was faced with a decision to make. Guided by her mother's wisdom, she had to choose whether she wanted to be a follower or embrace the role of a leader. Her choice for change and the willingness to lead, proves to us all that we are in control of our own destiny. While her decision was still puzzling at the time, Lia Valencia Key, started her journey to self-discovery - a journey that altered the course of her life.

Becoming the 1st person in her family to attend college and landing a job at QVC, she managed to create her own path to success despite all the challenges she faced in the past. 


Valencia Key: A Symbol of Light and Joy

Lia Valencia sought solace and purpose in the world of jewelry design following the loss of her mother. This creative outlet became a form of therapy, allowing her to channel her emotions and unearth her hidden artistic talents. Through her healing, Valencia Key Jewelry was born, evolving into a symbol of wearable light and joy, radiating inspiration to all who encounter it. 



As you can see here, Lia's journey is a true testament that anything is truly possible. We have the power the change our life's path at any point in time. All it takes is a decision and whole lot of faith to believe it can happen.

Listen in on this full episode, to hear Lia's story 1st hand. Let it inspire you and allow it to bring you that touch of light and joy.


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