Diving Into The Nitty Gritty of Things with Girls with Grit

Diving Into The Nitty Gritty of Things with Girls with Grit

A fearless journey of empowerment, sisterhood, and giving stereotypes a run for their money with Girls with Grit. Learn how they came together to create a worldwide movement in the Real Estate industry!


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Rising From The Pandemic

When life threw lemons at everyone, these three beautiful ladies decided to whip up some top-notch lemonade. The Girls with Grit journey sprang to life amid the chaos of the pandemic, proving that even in the face of adversity, there's always room for empowerment, collaboration, and a healthy dose of audacity. 


Cheers To Collaboration and Crushing Rules

The Girls with Grit founders, Jamie, Lauren and Tara, are leading the charge to rewrite the rules. It's all about sisterhood, collaboration, and proving that women can celebrate each other's victories without dimming their own shine. Forget the petty competition—these ladies are here to create a movement where lifting each other up is the name of the game.


A Backstage Pass to Their Awesomeness

These founders dish out the details, on this episode, about how they're championing education, coaching, and empowerment, all while tossing traditional brokerage affiliations out the window. And they share their behind-the-scenes strategy around creating their amazing in-person conferences. From brainstorming epic themes to handpicking speakers who can rock your socks off, they've got the blueprint for turning conferences into star-studded extravaganzas.


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