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It's Like Business School With Fuzzy Slippers & A Drink In Your Hand....

From boosting your downloads or growing your email list, to analyzing the numbers behind your podcast & scaling your small-but-mighty business with it, NOTHING is off limits.

And I mean nothing...

(Except for the bro-tactics, never gonna work strategies, or made up fluff because nobody has time for that bullsh*t) 

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It's been quite the journey getting here.

I've worn many hats.  Consultant for a top 5 consulting firm, Recruitment Expert for Sigma Kappa sorority, Team Leader of a top producing Real Estate Team.

Mom, wife, daughter, dog mom, friend & mentor.

I work where I want, when I want, and I've shattered the ceilings and walls that frustrated the heck out of me along the way. 

I left behind a $56 Million dollar producing Real Estate team to pop on the headphones and start my podcast.  Where I truly found time and financial freedom.  Where no client was calling me at 8am expecting to see a home at 8:02am (true story), my dog snoozes in my office everyday at my feet, and I'm able to pick the kiddos up from school every day.

Don't get me wrong.  It hasn't always been fuzzy slippers, glasses of wine, and trips to Napa Valley or London. 

I've cried buckets along the way because I thought that I was having to learn it all over again. 

I've done the cute quit because it got hard.

Then I buckled in, told myself to suck it up because I knew in my GUT this was where I was meant to be.  

It takes determination.  Grit.  And the ability to always stay coachable.  

And it's oh so worth it girlfriend.  So I'll comin?

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