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Join Joanne in this workshop style podcast as she dives into bite-sized actionable advice you can use to start, launch, & scale your business with a podcast as your chief marketing officer. Tune in as she interviews some of the brighest entrepreneurs of today-turning their wisdom into actionable advice, regardless of your age, industry or profession.

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Every inspiring or educational episode of the The B-Word Podcast is packed with implementable strategies and expert tips on how to build a remarkably profitable business with your podcast as your Chief Marketing Officer. 

 I share everything I learned from my journey of building a profitable, revenue-driving podcast and teach you how YOU can do it, too!


Fan-Favorite Interview

The Path of Discomfort-to-Empowerment with Lindsey Schwartz

One of my mentors and friends Lindsey Schwartz, a best-selling author and founder of Powerhouse Women, joins me to give the juicy details about the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone and venturing into uncharted waters.

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