Burning The F*cking Boat

How Joanne took her podcast, The B-Word, from top 5% to top 3% in less than a year

Celebrating big milestones here at The B-Word and letting go of what no longer serves! Learn how Joanne has burned the f*cking boat to go all in on her biz.



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Top 3% Globally 

Let's celebrate together as The B-Word Podcast has made it to the top 3% globally! This is a huge milestone and definitely worth popping that bottle of Prosecco for! As I celebrate this milestone, it stands true to how much of a valuable marketing tool podcasts really are. Not only can they help you reach new audiences, but it really helps with connecting with them on deeper levels.


Burn The Boats Down: Unwavering Commitment

Through personal and business growth, there comes times when big decisions need to be made in both life and business in order to move forward in ways that feel more aligned. In this episode, I share why I have decided to let go of what no longer serves me. Something that I have been leaning on like a crutch, just like many other entrepreneurs do. I get real vulnerable here and share all the details, the what and the why. I'm sure it is so relatable to anyone here who feels they may need to let go of things that have been such a large part of their lives as well.


Why The B-Word?

If you've ever wondered why my Podcast is called "The B-Word", listen in to see where it came from. On the surface you'd think it originated from my last name being Bolt, but it goes much deeper than that. In this story you'll hear, it's a reminder to never let anyone tell you that "you're too much" or "you need to tone down". It's a friendly reminder to stay true to yourself and who you are. 


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