Broke AF? Four Marketing Mistakes You’re Making

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We’re back with another throwback episode that’s a favorite of mine and one I just know you need to re-listen to if you haven’t already, especially if you own a business! In this episode, I’ll be diving into mindful marketing techniques and exploring common mistakes that could be plummeting your sales revenue. I don’t want to leave you hanging though, so I’ll also share some simple yet powerful fixes to transform your marketing efforts! So grab a pen, a glass of wine and let’s begin!




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Dare to Be Different

Let’s dive right in with this first one. You need to dare to be different.

It's so tempting to follow the crowd, especially on social media. But here's the truth: blending in won't make your business stand out. Take the real estate industry for example. Everyone seems to be posting the same pictures: keys at the closing table, just listed homes and the classic “front of the house” shot. Now look at one of my good friends Hannah Smith. A self proclaimed “property geek” who embraces her quirky side and lets people really see her personality online. By infusing humor into her content, Hannah stands out from the sea of sameness while still educating people on the home buying and the selling process. She's not just selling homes, she's selling an experience. Your marketing is all about creating opportunities for your business and you can definitely do that by just being yourself on social media!


Shiny Object Syndrome

I am all for trying new tactics in my marketing to see what works and doesn't work, but the problem occurs when you try everything without evaluating what you’re doing. So a lot of people will start their marketing by sending an email blast, starting a podcast, posting ads on Instagram, going live on tik tok- whatever the shiny object is at the moment that they think is going the magical thing for your business to take off, but then they don’t think twice about why they are doing or what for! Down the line, when it doesn’t actually create revenue for the business, the surface level result is thinking that they need to quit it when in reality they just need to ask “Is it actually beneficial?” Or is it a fail in the business? When you can dig deeper into if a marketing strategy is actually resulting in revenue through a funnel of other things instead of just looking at its success on the surface. For example, if a podcast is not getting hundreds of views, but is still generating tickets bought to a mastermind that was advertised through the podcast, then you keep the podcast! It’s that simple.


Ignoring Consumer Preferences

This one is a real deal breaker and can actually bankrupt you! This common marketing mistake is not curating something that your modern client actually wants. I’ve seen so many entrepreneurs fall into this hole, especially in the real estate community. When I started my business, I sent out probably 10,000 postcards a month and it generated quite a lot of business for me. However, if I was still doing that 22 years later, I would have for sure gone bankrupt as an agent if I didn’t take into account that most people aren’t finding houses for sales or agents from a postcard in the mail! This example sounds obvious but you wouldn’t believe how many entrepreneurs and businesses don’t evolve with their consumers. If you notice your audience isn’t as receptive as to something as they used to be, look into it and adapt!


Jack of All Trades, Master of None

This is a motto I’ve lived by! In a world full of noise, clarity is your superpower. Trying to be a jack of all trades dilutes your brand's impact. Define two to three pillars that truly resonate with your business and audience. That's what makes you stand out from the mass market. You don't need to be the person who talks about everything or sells everything. Natalie Ellis of Boss Babe excels at this, offering a broad range of resources but honing in on key pillars like finances and social media. Amy Porterfield is another standout, focusing on digital course creator’s academy  and email marketing. The lesson? Specialization sets you apart. Identify your pillars, go all out, and watch your brand thrive.

By implementing strategic changes and staying true to your brand, you can pave the way for increased revenue and long-term success. So tell me, what pillars are you doubling down on and how are you working towards making your brand unique so it can stand out from the others? I’d love to chat with you about it over in my DM’s @itsjoannebolt! 😍


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