But First, Coffee: My Pathway Into Podcasting

Welcome back to the B-Word podcast everyone! Join me for a cup of coffee as I sit here and ruminate over my journey and pathway into podcasting. I’m going to be sharing why I think it’s such a powerful medium for anyone's business, irregardless of what they're doing. If you’ve been on the fence about starting your podcast, this is your sign! 




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A New Way To Consume Information

When I came out of real estate, I started listening to podcasts. It was a natural transition for me, because quite frankly, I love to read! I’ll read almost anything and on top of that, would much prefer to be in my car on a long trip or at the beach with a good audible book in my ear. So when I discovered podcasts were such a great way for me to consume knowledge and information in a fun way, I was hooked! 


Mindset Shift

When I listened to an episode of Amy Porterfield's podcast Online Marketing Made Easy all about building an email list, she actually changed my mind on the topic all together and I realigned my email list strategy! The key point here is, I started listening to a podcaster, picked up on what they were teaching and had a complete mindset shift from anything I had ever thought on the subject before. 


The Grape Vine 

From Amy’s podcast, I would then get introduced to Jenna Kutcher’s content. Another thing to note is that I genuinely enjoyed their podcasts and grew to trust them. They felt like friends! So when the time came for one of them to introduce an offer in the form of a guide or course, I purchased it, even when it was on a topic I already knew about! Other connections, like through a mastermind I took through Lindsey Schwarts, would also lead me to be introduced to even more amazing podcasters, Lori and Chris Harder. 


Imagine what would happen if you took your own business and your podcast (or the one you are going to start!) and you had someone else mention your business or podcast on theirs. Imagine what the word of mouth and the power of podcasting could do for your business. It doesn’t mean that this will happen overnight and it will definitely take some hard work, but that potential pay off to reach people you might not have reached before in order to lead to sales, is some high powered stuff! 


So I want to pose these questions and I would love to hear back from you! Text me at 678-736-8055 or send me a DM on Instagram @itsjoannebolt  and tell me: How did you find out about my podcast The B-Word? Who do you need in your world that you would want to be introduced to? Any podcast recommendations for me?  


Podcasters Mentioned:

Amy Porterfield

Jenna Kutcher

Lindsey Schwartz

Lori Harder

Chris Harder

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