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Building Alignment in Your Business with Anne Nicoles, business tips, human design,

If you’re not incorporating Human Design into how you work and do business, then you’re doing it wrong! Thrilled to have Human Design mentor and business strategist, Anna Nichols on the podcast, as we chat on how implementing Human Design can transform your business, your team and help you attract the right clients! This incredible self awareness tool allows you to make sense of your personal habits, your purpose, how you make decisions and even how you interact with the world. Let’s get started!



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I recently got on the Human Design bandwagon and once I learned my type (I’m a manifesting generator),  many things in my life and how I operate in my business made so much more sense! Before Anna came across Human Design, she spent a long time wondering “Who am I?” and feeling like she was constantly striving and doing things for other people because she felt like she was supposed to. We’ve definitely all been there. When she finally started implementing Human Design into her business strategy, that was when it finally started to take off in the right direction.


The 5 Types 

Now if you’re not familiar with Human Design, it’s essentially like a personality test without asking you all the questions. It’s based on the date, time and location of your birth. There are Manifestors, Manifesting Generators, Generators, Projectors and Reflector types. Anna broke down the 5 types through an example of explaining how each one would contribute to a common goal of climbing up a mountain. 

  • Projector: Is going to see the best path get to the top of the mountain.
  • Generator: Will fill all of us with the energy to get us moving our feet up the path.
  • Manifesting Generator: Will help us pivot and infuse us with energy if there is a fallen tree or boulder blocking our way on the path.
  • Manifestor: Is going to say “This is the perfect spot!” at the top of the mountain once arrived.
  • Reflectors: Will look back at the path once at the top of the mountain and give us wisdom and reflections of the journey.


Finding Alignment 

In my case as a multi passionate Manifesting Generator, within my business I used to think I was a chaotic hot mess! I’d become inspired, get ideas, start things and hand them off to my team with the intention of getting them produced asap- I think I drove them crazy! But part of understanding Human Design is gaining wisdom into your strengths and accepting those parts of yourself, so you can direct them in the right areas.

If you are doing things you are not aligned with and don’t feel passionate about, it will take you that much longer to complete it and you will burn out faster. However, when you have that inspired energy towards things you want to accomplish, you’ll show up better, finish it faster and everyone around you or on your team you will benefit from that too! You will become more efficient and quicker with decisions the more you practice! 


Building the Right Team

When it comes to working alongside others, surrounding yourself with the right environment to build a team culture that truly compliments each other is key. Within your energy type and individual chart, everyone has their own strengths and gifts that they bring to the table. When you engage with this you’ll come to realize that what you feel like you might lack in your type, is something you can gain from another. As a business owner or within a leadership role, this is where you can lean into the common goal you want to achieve and let go of needing to do everything by yourself! There is so much power in understanding why you might feel burned out doing a certain project vs. how others might execute. It is freeing! You are going to influence the decisions and power moves that need to be made to grow your business and that can affect the people you hire and the clients you attract to make your business shine!

Find what lights you up!

This chat with Anna was so fascinating and there were many great tid-bits in this one! Once you get to know yourself on this level and start doing things that are aligned with how you are meant to flow, you will not only have fun showing up as your best self, but other people will be undeniably attracted to that! 

I would love to know, what is your human design type and how are you going to use it in your business? Tag me on instagram @itsjoannebolt or send me a message! 

Connect with Anna on IG @iamannanichols and access her free Human Design chart here!

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