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Because Business Pivots

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Welcome back to the B-Word Podcast! In this episode I had an insightful conversation with my amazing friends Allie and Jill, about the importance of evolution in business and what that can look like when you have to make a change. We've all experienced significant pivots in our entrepreneurial journeys, and it's crucial to embrace it and follow your intuition! 



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One thing that really stood out to me during our conversation was the idea that it's okay to evolve and let go of certain aspects of your business or personal life when they no longer align with your true self. Allie's decision to transition from a multi-course model to a membership model in her business is a prime example of this. She recognized that her energy and creativity were being stifled, and she bravely made the necessary changes to better serve her audience and herself. While Jill talks about her upcoming move across the country with her business to expand and elevate her opportunities and connection to her audience.It's a reminder that we should never be afraid to follow our intuition and do what feels right, even if it means going against other opinions we’ve received. 


We also delved into the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people, both in business and in life. As we grow and change, our circle of friends and collaborators may naturally shift. That's okay. Sometimes, in order to make space for new and more aligned relationships, we have to let go of the old ones that no longer resonate with our journey.


Remember, it's all about finding your community, those who understand and support your growth and who allow you to be your authentic self. If you're feeling drained or unfulfilled in any area of your life, it might be time to take a closer look at your relationships and make room for the new connections that will help you thrive!


As we all continue to navigate our own evolutions, we hope you'll join us on this journey of growth, change, and authenticity!

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