Stepping Into The Next Level You With Your Business with Kristina Bartold

Stepping Into The Next Level You With Your Business

Growing an online business takes so much more than just repetitive posting on social and Kristina Bartold, Host of Build Your Digital Community, is here with us to share her perspective on what else it takes. 




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The Importance of Building Authentic Connections

Posting on social media needs to go beyond surface level interactions. It really needs to be a place where we're building true connections with our audiences to that we can build that know-like-trust factor with our audiences. Hitting the "post" button repeatedly, just ain't gonna cut it. It's got to go deeper and it's got to be authentic. 


Community Building Power

Once those true genuine connections are made, building community is absolutely an essential part of the secret sauce to success and podcasts are really a great tool to do so! As you grow your podcast, collaborate with more like-minded people, be a guest on more shows, have guests on your show-your network starts to expand in unimaginable ways.


Social Media & Podcasting: How The Go Hand-In-Hand

If you're wondering how social and podcasts go hand-in-hand, this is truly a great episode to listen to as Kristina really shares her expertise with us on this hot topic. Not only will the combo of the two help build your audiences, communities and sales, but they really help you establish your personal brand.

So, listen in and learn how we're building not only our dream business' but our dream lives as well! 


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