Pro Tips For Recording Your Podcast At Home

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 If your lack of a professional recording studio is the only thing holding you back from starting or recording your podcast, then this episode is for you! Most of us do not have a professional recording studio, myself included, but I am here to tell you that the truth is you don’t need one! In today’s episode I’ll be sharing my best tips and tricks for making your home studio into a pro studio that you are not going to want to miss! I know you’ve got this and it’s not as hard as you think! 





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Should You Record in Your Closet?

You might already know that a lot of podcasters who record at home actually record in their closet! The main reason for that is because of the small space, likely carpeted, and clothes that all help with canceling and absorbing any outside noise. Personally, I don’t choose to record from my closet because honestly I can’t sit in my crowded closet for that long and I’ve chosen my office as my studio space. Along with my mic, I do try to eliminate outside sounds. If you’ve ever watched my youtube videos, you may have seen a smiley face pillow in the background, and I actually have a bunch of those shoved all around the room and in my bookshelves to also help absorb sound as well! I keep one in my lap as too, which I’ll touch on why that is later!


Batch Recording

If you're not familiar with the term “batch recording”, it literally means to record more than one episode at a time. Most podcasters do this to save time and to get it out of the way to allow them to focus on other things in their business. Since podcasting is the main thing that I do for my business and I’m always coming up with ideas, it’s more difficult for me to record 6-8 episodes, so I typically like to do 2-3 at a time. You really have to know your limits and find what works for you in terms of your energy and human design. When I am also shooting for video at the same time for youtube, it’s easier for me to set up my lights, mic and know where the sun is going to be in my office for that amount of time than if I was recording 6-8 episodes for a full day. Figuring out your set up and what fits will make you more efficient and enjoy the experience more! 


Eliminating Distractions

The first thing I do is turn my phone on ‘do not disturb’! If your phone goes off while you’re recording, you not only get distracted and lose your train of thought, but you also have to edit the sound your phone might make when it alerts you, like a chime or vibrate. Having it off also puts you in the right mental head space game too! This next tip is for the ladies mainly, and that is taking off your jewelry- rings, watches, the works! If you use your hands a lot when you talk, like myself, you need to be cautious of where your hands land when you bring them down on your desk. It can also create a noise and add to your post production too. This is also why I keep that smiley pillow I mentioned earlier in my lap to muffle any sounds! 


Mute That Mic!

My last pro tip is for when you are interviewing a guest. When your guest is speaking, mute your mic. It also helps to put your mouse over the mute button on whatever platform you are using to record, so when you want to chime in, you’ll be ready to unmute your mic instantly. This assists in not only putting the focus on your guest when they are speaking, but also if you have a cough, a giggle attack, your dog runs into the background or the Amazon guy shows up with a package and rings the doorbell (like it happens at my house!). In those cases, you don’t have to worry and say to your guest “let’s redo that last thing you just said” because your mic was already muted. This will save you a ton of time in post-production and if it makes you more comfortable, you can tell your guests ahead of time to not be offended if they see you on mute! 


Now go create and learn your own pro tips! Set up your studio in a way that works for you and inspires you to make some glorious episodes! I can’t wait to hear them and definitely share them with me on my instagram @ItsJoanneBolt.


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