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This is Your Sign to Add a Second Episode to Your Podcast Schedule Strategy

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Fellow and future podcasters, have you ever wondered “How often should I be releasing episodes?” Today in this bite size episode, we are going to be tackling this popular question I often get asked in my DMs! So grab a hot cup of coffee, a sharpie for note taking and let’s get started!

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So let's start with the big question: should you release an additional podcast episode each week? I've got some thoughts on this, and we're going to explore the pros and cons. Additionally, I’ve got four questions you can ask yourself when deciding this too!


The Pros:

The benefits of adding a second show to your podcasting schedule are substantial. More episodes mean more key phrases and SEO-rich content, making it easier for your show to be found in search engines. Plus, your loyal listeners will thank you with more downloads, pushing your podcast higher on those recommendation lists! 

But here’s my juicy reason for producing multiple episodes per week. Putting out two episodes per week also helps you stay front of mind. When you open up the podcast player of your choice on your mobile device, the newest content always shows up first in your library. So if your podcast is being put out multiple times a week, that is multiple days that it can boogie it’s little way on up to the top of your listeners ears. It also means that every time they open their podcast player they see your cover art, which is a visual reminder of you and your show. Not only keeping your podcast at the top of the list, but also building credibility and establishing you as an expert in your niche. An and added final bonus - more content means more opportunities for marketing and repurposing!


The Cons

Time is a significant factor. The extra episode means more time spent planning, recording, editing, and marketing. Another consideration is the potential increase in expenses, especially if you outsource tasks like editing. I know that many editors charge on a per episode basis and that can definitely add up depending on your budget.  


Question 1: Do you have the bandwidth?

When deciding how often to release podcast episodes, be honest about your time, energy, and focus. Adding more episodes should enhance, not diminish, the quality of your content.   


Question 2: Are you consistent with your current schedule?

If not, focus on nailing that down before considering more. Quality always trumps quantity. If you’re already stressed with putting out one episode a week, now is NOT the time to add in a second one! Pop that into your wish list for next year’s annual plan and take the time now to develop good systems and processes to move toward this goal. I’ve got an episode show planner that my team and I use to stay on track and developing it has made a tremendous impact on our ability to batch out ahead of time. 


Question 3: Can you commit to twice a week consistently? 

Your life and podcasting schedule should align. If it's a struggle, take a step back and evaluate.


Question 4: Do you have enough content ideas?

If you're already struggling with one episode, adding more might not be the answer. Now may be a good time to drill back into your content pillars to make sure they are aligned with your business goals and ideal client avatar. If you’re not sure how or where to start when creating your ideal client avatar, click here to download this FREE worksheet I created to help you out!


So podcast fam, if you answered yes to these questions, congratulations! You're ready to expand to two episodes per week. Start planning your content, providing even more value to your listeners, and creating more marketing opportunities for your business.

And if you answered no, that's okay too! Take a look at your process, make adjustments, and stick to your current schedule until the time is right! 


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