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If you are a podcaster, or even just on social media, then you know what it feels like to always be striving to increase that follower count! I admit I can become a little too devoted to it myself, but not in the way of a vanity metric! I check my numbers often and measure them accordingly to determine that the content I’m producing is really resonating with my audience! When it comes to increasing visibility for your podcast, I didn’t want to do it the way everyone else was doing it, so in today’s episode I’ll be sharing my secret sauce on what you can do to gain visibility and up those downloads! 





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 1. Facebook Groups

Now say what you want about Facebook versus the other more trendier social media apps, but it is a great place for niche groups and utilizing them to your advantage! When you know who your ideal client is, hop on facebook and find 5-10 groups you think they’d likely be a part of. Do some scrolling and when you come across one of those posts where someone asks “Does anyone know how to…”, try to find ones you've done an episode that addresses that topic, question or thought process. Then, you are the perfect person to add a comment and that says, “Oh my gosh yes! I actually went through it in my episode!”, and provide the title of your episode, link to where you’d like to go and tell the person why listening to that episode will solve the problem they mentioned. You want to be adding value, and not just screaming “Go listen to my podcast!” and this will be seen by more than just the person who asked the question! Now make sure you set a timer to do this for just 5 minutes a day! That’s all you need!


2. Landing Pages

Now this one takes a bit more work, but it can really pay off! I create multiple landing pages for the B-Word, all of course including my name, where they kind find me on socials, and then different ones geared towards each of my pillars. Then within each pillar, I list 5 episodes related to that pillar. So you’re probably wondering where I use them right? These are great for if you are hopping on a virtual networking call and in person events! When everyone is introducing themselves, giving their best elevator pitch etc, I always add a landing page link I feel best aligns with the level or need for this group of people that they can always jump to. Then when it comes to in person events, this is a tip I could not recommend enough: have those landing pages ready on a scannable link, put them on your homepage of your phone on a QR code and use it like a business card when connecting with new people you meet! 


3. Linking Back to The Pod

This one is not a quick hit, but it’s more of a consistent and simple one. In the case of when you are providing a freebie, (see Ep 154: Behind the Scenes of Creating a Freebie for Your Podcast if you missed it or have never made one!) make sure you are including 2-3 links throughout that freebie with other relevant episodes to that topic of whatever your freebie is helping with! This is a great way to get your listeners back to listening to more amazing episodes that they need to hear! 

I have made a whole freebie for this episode that breaks down the 4 ways to get more downloads even more! Grab it here! 


4. Adding CTA’s

Similar to number 4, on the B-Word we use a CTA that we bake into every episode that moves the listener from the one that they're currently listening to, to an older episode. This is not just for download count, because if someone is a loyal listener to your podcast, maybe they missed an episode or something you’re talking about in that current episode is relevant to the other one. Plus if they are a new follower, it’s a great way to build engagement and relationship with them! 

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I hope you are inspired to put one, if not all of these tips, into action within your podcast in this next year!  Plus, if you've got an entrepreneurial friend that needs this goodness too, go ahead and share this episode with them! You’ll be doing both of us a favor!


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