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It’s Thanksgiving week here in the United States and although tons of people have turkeys and Black Friday on their minds, it intrigues me when I find out that those people are also thinking about their business too! One of the questions that keeps coming up in my DMs is “Can I and should I rebrand my podcast to be more aligned with my business?” So in today’s episode I want to share my unfiltered, no BS, thoughts on the subject! Join me for the tea and let’s get started!





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Let’s begin with the short answer to that initial question. Yes! Why not? Why shouldn't you rebrand as you evolve as a business owner. When your business grows and you grow with it, there is no reason to feel stuck as the person you were when you frist started your podcast at the very beginning. Honestly, if you're not growing and evolving, then are you really helping your listeners? There could be a reason why you're feeling pulled to make the change. Now, does that mean you should rename your podcast or redo the color scheme? With this question, there is no one straight answer and it really is a business decision that is up to you! I’ll give you a look on how I made that decision for myself.


What’s Going On With The B-Word

You may have noticed a new podcast cover has shown up in your podcast player with some new colors involved. Yes, I have done a little rebrand! On the aesthetic look of the podcast, we are keeping the name The B-word. Although we did really contemplate whether we should rename it to be more in line with the business, which is Podcast(h)er. However at the end of the day, it didn’t really sit right with me! I know of many successful businesses that have a podcast named after their brand, Lindsey Schwartz’s Powerhouse Women and Natalie Ellis the bossbabe podcast. The name “The B-Word” not only spoke to my soul because my last name starts with a B, but because the reality is many women entrepreneurs, especially highly ambitious entrepreneurs, can get viewed as Bitches! 


True Colors

The one that didn’t really sit with me was the color scheme. Now to be clear, I do love pink, especially wearing it! But at the same time, it’s also a little Barbie-ish. After looking at the other blues, pinks and the confetti everywhere in my branding, I felt a trapped! I believe I was stuck because there was a misalignment between what the brand portrayed and who I really was as the owner of Podcast(h)er and as the owner of The B-word. Swearing a little is kind of a part of me, and my podcast name might be a reference to “Bitch”, but I am also very passionate about helping women build their own business, in their own way. There was just this misalignment between the pink fluffy stage and who I actually am! I'm not crass. I'm not brass, but there's something in between. So when I started looking at what other colors appealed to me, I settled on the black as the main background with this beautiful, beautiful purple color. It was definitely time for me to level up the look and feel of the brand to be more aligned with the voice behind it, which is my voice!


Are You Ready For A Rebrand?

So in case you guys saw me on socials and thought “What the heck is she doing?” This is it, I'm rebranding. Think of it as just putting on a new outfit! That's all there is to it, and you can do that too if you feel so inclined! Take some time to sit with your podcast, it’s alignment and ask yourself: Does the color scheme that I've got really work with me as the owner of my company? Does the name of the podcast feel good to me? Is it aligned with the business or is it aligned with me personally? Can I intertwine the two? Is it time to make a shift with the name of the podcast or not? Here's the truth behind it. If you shift your podcast and you completely rebrand, anything from the name, topic, who you're talking to, or what you're talking about, that's okay! Take your listeners along on the journey and see where you end up!


So if you’ve been wondering what's been going on with the look of the podcast, now you know! If you’re a business owner with a podcast and have considered changing your branding, don’t be afraid to start if you have felt stuck! You’ve totally got this! 

Let’s connect elsewhere! You can find me at @JoanneBolt and!


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