Be Intentional(ish) When Choosing Your Podcast Title & Topic

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I just love chatting with new and soon-to-be podcasters! One of the most exciting things you’ll hear them say after “I’m going to start a podcast!” is usually “I already have the title picked out!” Now don’t worry, tons of people skip straight to naming their podcast with no clue what it could really mean for the podcast beyond that, which is why in this episode we are going to dive into all things podcast titles and topics! If you are in the early stages of creating your podcast, use this episode as your expert guide and take notes!




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 Questions To Ask Before Naming Your Podcast

  1. What will you be talking about on your podcast?
  2. What do you want to teach people on your podcast?

When you have these answers in mind, you’ll have a much clearer idea of how to title your podcast. Remember, your title should immediately pull the listener in, give the hook and maybe even a little hint of what they are going to hear when they tune in.


Don’t Over Complicate

As big of a decision that this might feel, I want to reassure you! Do not stress or over complicate this step! I don't want you to sit and deeply obsess over what the “perfect” title is going to be. Most podcasters have actually changed their title and/or their topic at some point in their podcasting journey. So let that be a lesson that you can as well. The details are important, but don't get caught up in them.


Check Trademarks

I’m nowhere near being a lawyer, but as a friend I want to give you a bit of legal advice: Check trademarks! If you have your dream title in mind, either go online to the United Trademark website or even scroll through and search any podcast player platform and see if you can find your title already in play. If it's being used or if it's trademarked, I might shy away from that title. When podcasts become a big piece of the host’s business, they are likely to trademark it. I even recommend going through the process with an actual trademark attorney. I used Legalpreneur (If you are a member of the Podcast(H)er Network, you get a discount!) This is something that I would take the time and money to invest in for your business. Start sooner than later too, because it took us over a year to get The B-Word trademarked if you’d believe it! If you don’t look into trademarks and someone else is currently using it, you risk a lawsuit and having to start over. 


If you love what you want to name your podcast, search the trademarks, get a trademark attorney, go through the legal process and make this a business, not a hobby!


Short & Sweet

Keep your title no more than three to five words. We’ll be talking about your cover art in a future episode, but think of that cover as the billboard for your podcast. You want your title to be shorter so that it can be large on that Billboard. If someone was zooming down the interstate at 100 miles per hour, you’d want them to be able to quickly see and determine “Should I slow down and take a look? Or just keep going?” In a sea of thousands of podcasts, you want to be seen! It's a visual thing as well as being able to remember the name. Keep it simple! If your podcast title is “cutesy” like an acronym or something that someone outside of your industry wouldn't understand and you have to explain it, it might not be the right title! Explore other options. 


Keeping Your Business or Personal Brand in Mind?

The other question I get a lot when people are choosing a podcast title is “Can I name it after myself, or does it need to be for my business or company?” There is no hard rule about this and only a matter of personal preference for how you're going to use your podcast. Some things you can consider: If you already have a big brand name, for example if you're an influencer, author or you've got a TV show and already have a name for yourself, you might want to put your podcast alongside your brand with your name. However, if you're using your podcast as a big piece of the marketing part of your business, you may want to consider naming it after the business. 


Picking Your Podcast Topic

It’s time to pull that ideal avatar worksheet you may have created after my episode Ep 155: Because Interviewing Your Ideal Client Avatar on Your Podcast Creates Profitability and bring it to the forefront! When picking your podcast topic, you need to find that sweet spot between your micro niche and your overall broad appeal umbrella that you want your audience to know about. This is what your listener wants to understand when they find your podcast. You want it to answer their questions and solve their problems! For example, my podcast The B-word is under the umbrella of marketing. Now I could do a million things with marketing like digital, print, tv, etc. So I micro-niched down into “using your podcast as the main marketing tool for your business.” which gives me the spokes of the umbrella, that are all my content pillars (which I’ll cover in a future episode, so stay tuned! 


At the end of the day, you are not going to create a podcast with a title and topic that everyone in the world is going to listen to. Do what feels right for you! Don’t be afraid to micro niche, because when you become the expert on what you're talking about, the right people will find you!


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