Becoming the Heartbeat of Entrepreneurs On Fire with Kate Dumas


Excited is an understatement as I introduce to you my next guest on The B-Word, Kate Dumas! Kate is the heartbeat and engine behind one of the biggest podcasts for entrepreneurs in the world, Entrepreneurs on Fire, alongside her husband John Lee Dumas, the founder and host. EOFire is an ​​award-winning podcast, where each day they share interviews inspiring entrepreneurs to help them along their journey!



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Especially if you are a business owner with a podcast and want to take it to that next level, you are definitely going to want to stop what you’re doing and tune into this fantastic episode! Join us as we dive into Kate’s journey from quitting her job to work on the podcast, to recently becoming new parents, all while juggling all the many tasks Kate does for the business. We also touch on podcast monetization and understanding how to find what feels authentic to you!

Parent Entrepreneurs

If you are a parent and entrepreneur, then you know that all you can do is your best when trying to navigate this new phase of your life while also running your business. Entrepreneurs on Fire has been running since 2012, so it goes without saying that John and Kate have been building up their business and putting the systems in place to fit the lifestyle they want for quite some time now, and with no lack of experience and lessons learned! Each phase is still a journey!


Behind the Scenes and Kate’s Role

At the heart of EOFire, Kate handles all the behind-the-scenes areas, while her husband, John, shines in the spotlight as the face and host of the interviews. In the beginning, as the podcast gained momentum, Kate intentionally carved out her role to be more than just administrative, diving into marketing, content creation, team management, and more. It's been all about balancing between doing what she loves and tackling the necessary, but less glamorous, tasks that come with running a successful podcast and business.


Podcast Monetization

EOFire's monetization strategy strikes a balance between traditional ad sponsors and charging for guest appearances, ensuring a steady income stream while maintaining the integrity of the podcast. Initially hesitant to charge guests, the surge in demand highlighted the value they brought to entrepreneurs and the people who actually told them their podcast sky-rocketed their business! By offering valuable exposure, EOFire found a sweet spot where they could monetize guest appearances without overwhelming listeners with ads. Kate emphasizes the importance of authenticity and finding what feels right for your podcast's format and audience, steering clear of excessive sponsorships to prioritize meaningful content.


Podcasting Network

Of course you guys know I am passionate about podcasting networks! (Hello PodcastHer!) So I loved hearing that joining a podcasting network was a game-changer for EOFire, as Kate described how it was a decision that perfectly aligned with their vision. Unlike some networks that may seek to control content, this one embraced a collaborative approach, fostering a give-and-take dynamic that enriched both sides. Kate also mentioned the benefits they enjoy, from valuable educational resources, to a vibrant network community built on a reciprocal value exchange. Even if you are not at that stage in your podcast to be able to join a network, Kate and myself included, would encourage you to cultivate your own community of like-minded creators and podcasters, with the potential for mutual support and growth through collaboration and shared opportunities like ad spots and features! What are you waiting for?


At the end of this episode, I loved how passionate and excited Kate was about the podcasting industry as a whole, and how much it has grown since Entrepreneurs on Fire began.There is a space for everyone to share their message and make an impact on their listeners and the world! 


It was such a joy to have Kate on the podcast and I hope this episode filled you with insights, wisdom and inspiration to go after your totally possible podcasting goals! 


Connect with Kate:

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