10 Ways to Guarantee Your Podcast Fails in 2024

10 Ways to Guarantee Your Podcast Fails in 2024

2024 has started off on a bang!

On today's episode, I'm spilling the tea on the 10 surefire ways your podcast is headed for failure in 2024 if you don't make some crucial changes. They might seem like a lot, but I can assure you once you start taking the time to pay attention to the little details, that's where the magic can start to happen! So let's get into it! 


πŸŽ™οΈ Rule #1:

Don't skip market research! Just like cleaning your closet, understanding your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) is essential. Market conditions change daily, and your ideal listener's struggles evolve. It's time to dig deep and get up close and personal with your audience and make your content with them in mind. Even the words they use to explain what they are dealing with right now can change! Speak to them in a way you would want to hear in order to make that connection! This could be as simple as putting an ask out on your IG stories for some feedback and opinions! 

πŸ’‘ Rule #2:

Update those social media marketing tactics. Audiograms on Instagram reels? Sorry, darling, they're out. (Just like my high heels!) You want to capture their attention and make sure your audience is willing to engage and give you those precious 10-45 seconds of their day! Show some of that beautiful face of yours, even just hop on your phone camera with a quick video explaining why you talked about this specific thing on your episode and I know you will notice the difference in engagment!

🎀 Rule #3:

Have a specific goal in mind when recording. Don't pick up the mic and start babbling aimlessly. Your podcast should tie into your business with a strong call to action. Know your niche, speak directly to your audience, and have a strategic plan. Know your “why!” and your audience will actually want to buy into your offerings instead of just listening to you for the entertainment factor. Show them you actually know what you're talking about and how you can add even more value to their life!

πŸ“Š Rule #4:

Don't obsess over download numbers. Instead, focus on crucial analytics like listener retention. Understand how far into the episode your audience is staying and what that could say about your content or where you need to peak better interest and change something! It's not about downloads; it's about engagement. When you can figure out that secret sauce for getting your listeners to make it through your entire episode, you need to use that technique again and again! Strive to get a little bit better each time and don't rush the progress! 

🎯 Rule #5:

Think big, not small. Set measurable goals that excite you. Whether it's consistency or a specific episode count, make sure your goals are achievable and align with your business strategy. You also want to maintain that excitement with that goal, because that is what will drive you to keep striving for it! Be specific! 

πŸ’» Rule #6:

Keep your podcasting process simple. Podcasting is hard but simple. Avoid overcomplicating the process with extensive checklists. Create, outline, record, and schedule—keep it straightforward. I promise you don’t need much more than that! This will help with rule #5- in actually meeting your goals and executing them! 

πŸ‘­ Rule #7:

Don't go into this alone. (Especially if you are the solo host of your podcast, you know what its like to spend time alone and most days only talking to yourself, or maybe your dog!) So get yourself a business or podcasting bestie. Accountability partners are essential to keep you on track and motivated. Consider joining a community like Podcast Her Network for support. We’ve got your back! 

πŸ“ˆ Rule #8:

Don't ignore your analytics. Dive deep into your podcast's analytics to understand your audience better. Where are they coming from, and who is your ideal listener? Let the data guide your decisions. This information will also tell you if you are hitting the mark with your objectives. Do you change how you speak to your audience to meet them where they are, or change your business model to reach a different group that you aren’t seeing listen? Data is key! 

🌟 Rule #9:

Reviews are so last year. In 2024, Apple cares more about new subscribers than reviews. Focus on getting more people to listen and subscribe—word on the street is, it's the key to climbing the charts. It’s kind of like instagram followers, you might have a lot of them, but are they really engaging with your account? Actually getting people to listen to your podcast can do more than just nice words on the page. Focus on asking people to subscribe and share your episode so it reaches more, and it’s honestly easier for your listener when they are on the go living their life. 

πŸš€ Rule #10:

Don't be everywhere. Instead of spraying your content on every platform, master one or two. Tailor your content to the platform and engage deeply with your audience. Quality over quantity, always. (So if you hate tiktok, don’t be there! You heard me!) 


I hope this has prepared you  to level up your podcast game in 2024? Save this episode or blog post and come back to it whenever you need! Let's make your podcast a roaring success! πŸš€πŸŽ§

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