Behind The Best Recipe For Generating 7 Figures When Guesting On Podcasts

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This week, I’m excited to bring you 2 past favorite episodes of mine that I wanted to reshare! Whether you are new to the community or have heard these episodes before, I wanted to share them with you again because I just know they will add value to your business and brand, even if you don’t have your own podcast. This episode specifically, is all about a formula I’ve crafted to ensure your success as a guest on someone else’s podcast. This recipe is perfect for taking hold of the opportunities that can come with being in front of a whole new audience and presenting what you have to offer so they are hooked! 





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We’ve been talking a ton in the Podcast(H)er Network about the power of growing your business by being a guest on a podcast. Even if a lot of you may or may not have your own podcast, you do have your own business and you want to grow it! The thing is, there IS a formula to ensure your success. There is a strategy to it! You don't just throw an Instagram post out there and hope someone “maybe” sees it right? If you're going to take the time out of your very busy life to appear on someone's podcast, as a specialist, as a guest, expert and as a thought leader in your industry, then you need to use it strategically! 


When I have guest’s on my own podcast I always ask them “Did you not want to give a freebie away or did you have some kind of offer? Aside from being here for my podcast and teaching my audience, which I love and appreciate, what was the purpose of you being here in a way that could serve you and your community? What can we do to help?


More often than not, the response I’ve gotten is “Oh, I don't know. I guess I was just on it to grow my audience so more people could find out about me.” As genuine as that is, honestly it’s kind of like throwing spaghetti on a wall. That is NOT a strategy. Yes, you can appear on 50,000 podcasts and get your name out there, but you will hit that seven figure revenue increasingly faster, even after appearing a small number of podcasts, when you use a strategy. 


So here is the formula I crafted over time called PROFIT, that you need to use and keep in mind next time you’re a podcast guest!


P is for Purpose

You need to determine what the point or purpose is for you being on the podcast. I highly recommend listening to a few episodes of the podcast if you haven’t already. Learn the style of the host and figure out who the target audience of the listeners. You want to be able to speak to the audience of whoever is listening to the podcast to appeal to them in a tailored way, that also highlights what you have to offer. So know your point and your purpose- it helps you determine everything that comes next.


R is for Relationship Building

As a guest on a podcast, the relationship is really formed before and after we start recording. It’s a whole new level of networking. Like for example, if you go into a networking event and all you do is hand out your business card, do you really expect to get business from that networking event after it's over? Podcasting works in the same way. There are so many times I hear of a host and their guest forming a relationship off the airwaves. They start DMing each other, enjoying each other's company and the next thing you know, they're putting their businesses together, collaborating, presenting at each other’s events and more! 


O is for your Offer

Make sure you have an offer to give the audience and make it free! Podcast listeners are there to learn, and gain wisdom, usually through free episodes. They're not there with the expectation of pulling out their credit card. One of the strategies of this is to mention it midway through the episode. For instance in the podcast episode, this is where I would tell you that if you go to you can actually download this entire formula! You give me your email address and I'll give you the formula in a PDF format that you can have. This is how you actually begin that conversion process. You give an offer, a freebie, a quiz, a discount for something that you're selling or promoting, etc. Every time you guest on a podcast, you need an offer! You need to put it out there and don't make it salesy. Like we are talking about this formula now, show that it adds value in the purpose of why you are there.


Share it in the middle of the episode because a huge amount of listeners either 1) Never make it through the whole episode or 2) They don’t finish the whole episode in one listen. Their lives are busy like most and you want to capture them in the heart of the episode so they are super interested in getting your offer!


F is for Follow Up

This one sounds super simple and obvious, but you would be shocked at how many people don't do this! Most assume that dropping the offer once without continued engagement is enough for them to bring the listener into their world of youtube, instagram or various places, but you can’t make that assumption! So send a short & sweet follow up email and another way to add value to their life related to what you originally gave them, whether that be a discount code, bonus content, a freebie- get creative!


I is is for Inform and Intrigue

Like I mentioned before, when you are a guest on a podcast, listeners are there to learn, so teach them something! Let it be a tangible tool that they can implement in their business. Give them some background and something to work with so when you do drop your offer or freebie they are going to want to grab it! 

T is for Tell

Tell your audience what the heck you want them to do. Be specific! If the podcast host asks where the listeners can find you, tell them where you ACTUALLY spend your time, like for example “I give more tips on my instagram, go follow me on LinkedIn where I have a lot of downloads and documents about XYZ, go follow me on YouTube, go to my website, sign up for advance notice of the book coming out, etc!” Whatever your purpose of being on the podcast was, follow up and land the plane by telling them exactly what you want them to do!


For example right now, if you've loved this episode, I want you to share it with a friend. Share it with one of your business besties who needs to understand that there is a formula and a method to being a guest on a podcast in order to use it to create conversions in their business!


In case you didn’t take notes, head to and download a copy of the formula if you’re ready to take your podcast guesting to the next level in impacting your business! 


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