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Betting on Yourself with Amy Traugh and The Motivated Mompreneur

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Bringing you a very cool episode today where I got to be a guest on Amy Traugh’s podcast, The Motivated Mompreneur. It’s very exciting to have Amy be a founding member of the Podcast(H)er Network, that I am the owner and founder of! If you haven’t heard about the Podcast(H)er Network, in this episode we dive into the logistics of why I started it and why Amy chose to move her podcast over to the network. Plus, it gives you a beautiful introduction to The Motivated Mompreneur podcast, which I highly recommend you check out after this! So let’s get to the good stuff!




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Collaboration and Community 

There is so much importance and value that comes from growing your podcast through community and collaboration. I started out like most podcasts where in terms of guests, I’d have anyone who was willing to be on the podcast. But I hate to break it to you, that is not really doing anything for your listeners and can kind of just feel like checking the box for your podcast. Collaboration can and will get more clear for you over time, but you need to get a better idea of how you can pour into your listener community first! Knowing your ideal client and what they need to hear can help you determine what guests to have.


“My podcast is there for my listener, it's not here for me, it's for me to pour into my community that's listening.”

Stronger Together

Then, when you do start to have those right people on the podcast, it's all about taking that time before and after you hit record to ask your guest “How can I add value to you? How can I amplify your business? What's going on in your life?” Making those connections can lead to so many opportunities, like conferences or recommending another person to them from your community. Other great questions to ask your guest could be “Who else that you know would be great for my listeners? Can you make an introduction?” This will actually make running your podcast EASIER! We can get wrapped up in the “Me” mentality and a scarcity mindset, when we should be seeking to serve, add value and act out of abundance! 

Stop Selling 24/7

If you think about it, your podcast is like having that first interview with someone that you don’t even know you’re having. That’s why you don’t need to be selling your offers on your podcast on the hour every hour. Your listeners are there to get to know you and find out who you are. If they like you, they're going to buy from you. Eventually you might become the only person they'll buy from. But if they don’t love you, that’s okay! It means they weren’t the right client for you and that those clients are out there, just keep doing your thing! 


Creating The Podcast(H)er Network

My trailblazing entrepreneurial journey in the podcast world began from creating digital courses. Shortly after I realized I did not love making those (mainly because I had never finished one myself!) and decided I could teach and coach female entrepreneurs through a membership program instead. When that wasn’t taking off and was talking with one of my mentors, he helped me understand why I wanted to start one in the first place and my passion behind it. Running a podcast can get lonely behind a microphone, talking to people over zoom and trying to grow your audience, and I desperately wanted to have community. I began to understand that need and I wanted to fill it! 

The moment that changed everything for me was when I began applying to multiple podcasting networks. I was being rejected by every single one and not entirely understanding why, until I was listening to a panel featuring a particular network.They said  their smallest podcast was getting 500,000 downloads an episode and it became very clear  why I wasn’t getting accepted. So I thought, “Who is here to support the actual small to medium sized podcasts? Who is building that community, mentoring and giving the opportunity for them to get the right kinds of ads and sponsorships. So The Podcast(H)er Network was born! Each podcast a part of the network might not have 500,000 downloads per episode, but collectively we do! It’s all about shifting that mindset and seeing the asset of having not just 1 podcast, but 10 podcasts talking about something, like a conference to name an example! 


You need to put in the time and work in your podcast to see the results, but joining and investing in a network with a team working for you behind the scenes, collapses that timeframe in half, so you can grow faster and reach more listeners!

So I am very thrilled to have the Motivated Mompreneur podcast as one of our very first podcasts in this network! 


Is your podcast looking for a home? The Podcast(H)er Network is opening applications soon. We exist to help women podcasters make more money, bring opportunities and build connection!

I can't WAIT to welcome YOU inside the Podcast(H)er Network!


If you are a podcast creator, I would love to hear from you over on socials too! Head over to my Instagram @itsjoannebolt and let’s get chatting!


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